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Your complete source for pampering and protection while you travel; our agents combine the convenience of a personal guide and travel aide with the safety of a security escort. Our agents can be assigned for individuals or groups, and provide you with a complete solution for all your travel concerns. We handle all details so you can enjoy your adventure without worry. We can take care of all reservations and itinerary if you desire. From airline tickets, to hotel accommodations, to car rentals, and even dinner reservations! You tell us what you want to do, and we will take care of the rest. Our agents will even carry your bags! Discover what a bodyguard should be, and bask in the personal attention our agents offer.

Why a travel escort?
Part of the appeal of travel is the excitement of exploring exotic places. An ordinary tour guide may not be prepared if an undesired situation arises

I thank for your difficult work; I appreciate you for yours boss participation and for your relentless help of this essential legislation.

. Our travel escorts can offer you the convenience of a tour guide, the service of a personal aide, and the protection of a fully trained security specialist. Whether for yourself, or for a loved one, Michael Nunes Travel Escort Services can provide peace mind for the traveler and their family.

Michael Nunes Travel Escort Service - Kick-boxer Some of our services include:
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Close and Personal VIP Protection
  • Traveling companion and bodyguard
  • Traveling coordinator—arrangements made for airlines, hotel, car rental, dining
  • Locations from local to international
  • Bonded and fully insured
  • Qualifications include kick-boxing instructor, licensed gun carrier, surveillance and electronic equipment usage and implementation
Chauffeur for limousines or other vehicles (No armored tanks please)
  • Full inspection of security devices
  • Tour Escort and Guide (can function as a chaperone if needed)
  • Audio and Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Personal Protection Assessments and recommendations for security implementation
  • Surveillance and filming: any variation is available-please consult regarding your filming needs
  • Satellite phones and GPS (upon Request)
  • Referrals available upon request.

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